What happens when you mix a little low down rock with some jam-oriented blues and a little pop pageantry? You get the alterna-blues-rock power that is the 8 Track Liberators. 8TL was formed in 2001 by Jim Onstad (drums, backing vocals), Matt Monte (guitar, backing vocals), Mats White (bass guitar) and Andy Gutoski (lead vocals, harmonica, backing vocals), and produced two releases, Broken Minds in 2002 and Year Of Tuesdays in 2004 (both albums were recorded and mixed by Onstad in his garage, aptly named Two Car Studios). The 8TL lineup was later filled by Ian Pilgrim (bass), and Jesse Lowe (drums), after the departure of White and Onstad respectively.

In addition to his performance duties on stage and in the studio (including songwriting on many 8TL tracks), Gutoski also provided development and design solutions for the 8TL logo & identity, CD packaging, promotional posters and apparel design, while also performing screen printing duty on all apparel and CDs.